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LED Control board (dimming) - components
LED Control board (dimming) - components
LED Control board for dimming LED, using LPF-XXD powersupply

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On back order- Will be back in stock end february.

This is complete kit for the LED controller board. It contains:
- PCB (Raspberry PI HAT)
- LTV847 - 4 Channel Opto isolator
- Screw Terminal Adapter
- Resistors: 10K, 56K, 68K, 82K

You need to solder these components yourself!

This LED control board is designed to be used with a Meanwell LPF-xxD powersupply. 
IMPORTANT: Make sure the wattage of your powersupply matches as close as possible the wattage of the LEDs, else the dimming might not work properly!

If you are using 19 Watts per meter LED at 24 volt, and you have a 2 meter strip, this equals 38 WATT. For this setup use and LPF-40D-24 powersupply.

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